by John Frantz, Inventor
The New Refiner Oil Filter by John Frantz
Manufacturer of the Oil Refiner invented by John Frantz

Toilet paper filters are the best product on the market for cleaning your oil and reducing the need for expensive oil changes every three months.

The Refiner Oil Filter by John Frantz is not a new product. What is new is the redesigned features. The product actually came to us in the late '50s and early '60s. Your father or grandfather probably had one on his 55 Chevy, GTO, hot rod, or even semi-tractor-trailer rig.

The Refiner Oil Filter is also beneficial for use on tractors, generators, boats, dune buggies, trucks, motorcycles, and just about anything that runs with an internal combustion diesel or gasoline engine.

The Refiner Oil Filter by John Frantz will keep your engine oil analytically clean when used properly and obeying proper element change frequency.

The technology of the Refiner Oil Filter is such that there are no moving parts to wear out and it is easy to install on most any vehicle. It also works in any position - straight up, upsidedown, or even sideways. Changing the element might be a consideration when mounting it sideways but occasionally with today's compact engines under the hood, that is the only way to mount it. Some even mount them in the bed of their pickup trucks or in the trunk of a vehicle. You are only limited by the length of the oil line hose.

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