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Newly improved FRANTZ OIL REFINER Kit

This filter is the latest oil filter design by the late inventor John Frantz. The rights and sale of this filter was authorized by Daisy Frantz, widow of John Frantz, which Frantz Oil Filters acquired. This oil filter kit includes a mounting bracket, 7' of oil line hose, brass hose fittings, installation parts and instructions.

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"New Old Stock" Frantz Oil Cleaner Complete Kit - When available

Orig.: $215.00
Sale: $195.00

Refiner Gasket Seal - Use for Refiner model only

Orig.: $5.25
Sale: $4.00

Rubber Gasket - 4 flat-sided crosssection for "SKY" units

Orig.: $5.00
Sale: $4.00

Frantz "Select" TP Element - Not for Refiner model

Order 16 and receive DISCOUNT. 

Orig.: $3.25
Sale: $3.00

16-Pak Frantz "Select" TP Elements - Not for Refiner model

16 Rolls of TP Elements at bulk purchase pricing. 

Orig.: $48.00
Sale: $40.00

1.6" Machined metal sleeve - Not for use with Refiner model

Orig.: $6.00
Sale: $5.00

GATES Oil Line Hose – Sold by the foot.

1/4” (6.4mm) 300PSI

Fittings installation available: $1.25 per fitting.


NOS Frantz brand Sandwich Adapter

Orig.: $65.00
Sale: $39.95

Sandwich Ring Adapter - 3 supply ports

Orig.: $69.99
Sale: $49.95

Brass Swivel Fitting

Use this fitting for the oil return from the Frantz filter down through the oil filler cap. 


Oetiker clamps - Pkg of 4

Orig.: $5.00
Sale: $4.00

Orifice / restrictor fitting


Screen - Coarse (SKY models)


Hollow Bolt

Orig.: $7.50
Sale: $5.00

Mounting Hardware


Installation Kit

Orig.: $60.00
Sale: $50.00

Plug - 1.8"NPT

Orig.: $2.00
Sale: $1.00

Elbow - 90º brass fitting

Orig.: $4.00
Sale: $2.00

Elbow - 45º brass fitting

Orig.: $4.00
Sale: $2.00

1/8"NPT Running Street T - Male

Orig.: $3.00
Sale: $2.00

Bushing - Reduce threads from 1/4" - 1/8"NPT

Orig.: $5.00
Sale: $4.00

1/4" Barbed fitting - Female


1/8"NPT - Flare Straight Fitting

Orig.: $3.00
Sale: $2.00

1/8" Barbed fitting - Male


Self-Tapping Hollow Bolt


Punch Tool

Orig.: $9.95
Sale: $5.00

Transmission Tee Adapter - NOS

Orig.: $39.95
Sale: $19.00

12mm Metric Tee Fitting

A Metric Tee fitting with 12mm metric male and female threads and a 1/8" female thread to accept a supply oil line to the Frantz oil filter on engines with metric sending units.


14mm Metric Tee

Simply loosen and remove oil sending unit and insert Metric Tee fitting. Replace sending unit in metric end and attach Frantz oil pressure line to the 1/8"NPT female threads to obtain oil pressure supply to the Frantz filter. 


Mercedes Pressure Fitting

A special purpose fitting to replace the full-flow filter by-pass retainer on a Mercedes engine (such as 190D) in order to provide a pressure source for the Frantz Oil Filter. 


Punch Tool Kit


Refiner Mounting Bracket


Refiner T-Bolt & knob


Refiner screen (Coarse)


Refiner screen (Fine)


Refiner Clamp


Refiner Logo Sticker