Toilet Paper Oil Filter?
"That toilet paper will ruin your engine."


Have you ever had someone say to you "that toilet paper oil filter will ruin your engine?" "All that paper will dissintegrate and go throughout your engine clogging up your lines, oil pump, filter, and eventually seize your engine making it worthless." Well, fear not.

Have you ever accidentally dropped a roll of toilet paper into the toilet? Perhaps your youngster did it for you. Did it dissolve? Of course not. The paper has a tendency to cling to itself and doesn't even unwind easily. That same characteristic occurs only even more so when dealing with oil.

First, the entire roll is supported upon a reinforced screed inside the Frantz Oil Filter unit. A metal tube goes up through the cardboard tube from the base of the Frantz Oil Filter unit and is locked in place by a snap ring circumferencing the outer edge on top of the roll of paper. Held tightly and snug inside the cannister now, the TP is ready to go to work for you filtering the foreign substance and materials that actually does the harm to your engine.

Not just any toilet paper is appropriate for the Frantz Oil Filter. Certainly, do not use the squeezable, soft, and fuzzy paper you enjoy in your moments alone. The best paper to use is that which is wound tightly, has the correct size cardboard tube both diameter and length, and is firm and hard to the squeeze. We recommend the Frantz "Select" filter paper in which every single roll is shrinkwrapped and labeled with a weatherproof sticker for your storage cabinet or toolbox.

The reason the Frantz Oil Filter is so efficient is due to it's design and the lack of design of the other filter units. If you were to cut open a spin on filter you normally use, you would find a thin paper or cardboard (or some other recycled material) about as thick as five sheets of copy paper. This paper is then placed on end in a circular design and for strength, it is corrogated in this circle. The oil passes up through the center of the filter opening at the bottom and penetrates through the paper sideways discharging out the exit again at the bottom of the filter. The filtering is all done similar to that of a coffee filter - just a little thicker - perhaps two or three filters. Do you really think that is enough filtering for YOUR engine? I don't.

Now, the Frantz Oil Filter with it's toilet paper element design, filters up through the center at the bottom of the unit but now it delivers the oil down the entire 4" height of the TP roll exiting at the bottom and being recirculated again back to the engine. The oil does not penetrate sideways through the roll as if from inside the cardboard and out the last row of paper. It filters down the entire height of the roll as when it sits on your bathroom sink.

Would you rather filter three coffee filter papers worth of filtering or 4" of filtering material? This is why the Frantz Oil Filter can filter up to ten times as fine as your stock oil filter your car manufacturer wants you to buy. Don't be fooled.

If you prefer, you can order the filter element from me for a very respectable price. Why gamble and be disappointed using incorrect filter material? Order today.

I no longer place a sticker label on each roll to forego a 25-cent price increase for you.

Reminder: This paper is not recommended for the New Frantz Refiner which uses a paper with a larger center cardboard core.